ljubljansko barje

The Iška River Meander Nature Trail


Between the Iška Gorge and Lipe.

The trail itself is just over 13 km. Because of the distance and level terrain, visiting by bike is recommended. The nature trail can also be reached by city bus:
– Bus 19b to Lipe
– Bus 19i to Iška Vas.


Trail Markings:

Currently, the guiding element on the trail is only the Iška River itself and the main trail along it.

  • From the Iška Gorge, follow the road to Iška Vas.
  • At the intersection in front of the fire station in Iška Vas, turn left toward Strahomer.
  • Continue along the main road through Strahomer and Vrbljene.
  • At the end of the village of Vrbljene, turn right onto a gravel road that leads past the Brest Pumping Station.
  • At the intersection in Brest, turn left towards Podpeč.
  • Follow the main road through Brest and continue to the bridge across the Iška River.
  • Immediately after crossing the bridge, turn right and follow the river along the gravel road to Lipe.



The Iška is a river with three faces. Its exciting path takes it down the Iška Gorge, through the fertile Iška Fan, and across the wet Ljubljana Marsh. Detailed information about the trail along the Iška can be found on eleven signboards:

  • The Ljubljansko barje Nature Park
  • The Iška River Meander Nature Trail
  • The Wild Canyon
  • The Secrets of the Iška Catchment Area
  • The Iška “Power Line”
  • Presenting the Iška River
  • A Fan Built Up
  • The Luxury of Drinking Water
  • Into the Canal!
  • The Bog
  • The Breadbasket of the Habsburg Monarchy?



Have a look at the nature trail leaflet, available in print at the seat of the Ljubljansko barje Nature Park (info@ljubljanskobarje.si) and the Municipality of Ig (info@obcina-ig.si).


The Contest

There’s a contest at the stations along the trail. Answer each question correctly to get a letter of the secret word. Then send it to us and we’ll enter your name in the drawing for a nice prize!

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There are three online quizzes about the nature trail called e-lessons:


Type of trail:

Mixed walking and cycling route: asphalt and gravel.



There is little shade along the trail, and so sun protection is advised in the summer.


Meals and refreshments:

Iška Gorge Inn
Petelinček Bar in Iška Vas
MM Snack Bar in Brest
Mars Pizzeria in Brest
Kolišče Snack Bar in Lipe


Points of interest along the trail (in addition to those described on the signs):

  • Archangel Michael Church in Iška Vas with a collection of Roman gravestones
  • Pond in Strahomer
  • Exhibit of old farm tools in Vrbljene
  • Vrbljene Horse Racing Track

The nature trail was created as part of the 2Bparks project (www.2bparks.org), co-financed by the European Union Med Programme. The trail was designed by the Anton Melik Geographical Institute of ZRC SAZU.