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International Logboat Regatta 2018


Are you interested in paddling with a logboat? Perhaps even to compete with them?

Join us on International Logboat Regatta from 30 June to 1 July 2018 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Bring the team of 6, we will bring the logboats and equipment. 

Teams of 6 crew members can apply with no charge. Send the application form to info@ljubljanskobarje.si

Accommodation costs for the next 3 teams that apply will be covered. (18.6.2018)



You can also call this number to apply: +386 8 205 23 54


(30. June - 1. July, Ljubljana)


The testing of the logboats will begin on Saturday, June 30, 2018 at 14:00, Špica, Ljubljana 

The regatta will start Sunday, July 1st, 2018, at 9:00 with the ceremonial launching of the logboats in Špica. First competition part will consist of registered local teams that will compete in a race of two logboats in the polygon, for the best finish time. The second part will be the match of the international teams. The winners of both matches will then compete in the final race for the title of the absolute winner of the Regatta 2018.

At the same time, a cultural heritage festival will be held. Its focus will be on Pile Dwellings Around the Alps and historical logboat making. The festival will be accompanied by smaller events and workshops. The entire event will conclude with the evening award ceremony and a concert.
After the end of the Regatta, the project Navis 2018 will continue until the late autumn with the use of logboats, which will serve the locals and tourists as exploration vessels of the Ljubljanica River.
The international regatta of logboats will continue on the Italian Lake Lago di Ledro in 2019.



The International Logboat Regatta is part of the efforts of International Coordination group UNESCO Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps. The aim is to build a common identity and presentation of technological development from the beginnings of civilization, of which we are the heirs.
After the successful realization of the regattas in Switzerland, Austria and last year in France, the nomination of Slovenia for the implementation of this event was accepted by the partner states. It is a unique opportunity to use imaginative promotion, which is also interesting in the context of events at the peak of the tourist season.
Connecting both high-profile events, recognizable at the local, regional and international level, coincides with the celebration of the European Year of Cultural Heritage. This year a wide, range of events, projects and celebrations throughout Europe, will be organized in order to raise the interest in cultural heritage among the public, children and young people.
The Project Navis has restarted again in 2018. It promotes the richness of cultural heritage, especially of Ljubljanica river and Ljubljana marsh, through the production and use of historical vessels. The idea for the project was born in 2016, after the excavation of the ancient roman logboat from the bottom of the river Ljubljanica in Vrhnika.
In order to revive the ancient craft skills and to present the archaeology in the best way possible, we organized workshops in which our experts from the institute STIK Group, the Institute for Underwater Archaeology and Zavod Škrateljc, together with volunteers in Vrhnika, created a small roman fishing logboat and paddled to Ljubljana.
Aiming to gain even greater visibility for this kind of heritage; therefore, we took started with the reconstruction of the previously mentioned logboat in 2017. The logboat was build during the summer months at Ljubljana Špica. After the ceremony, which took place in the spirit of ancient customs and autumn promotional voyages on Ljubljanica River, the logboat was submerged to the bottom of the river, waiting for the beginning of a new naval season.

The successful realization and an extraordinary response from the public and the media persuaded us to continue the project. Therefore the decision was set to reconstruct two prehistoric logboats from the "Pile-dwellings." We wanted to present the remarkable legacy of the former inhabitants of Ljubljansko barje from the time when the lake was spreading in this area. Logboat we want to reconstruct was discovered on the famous pile-dwelling settlement of Stare Gmajne. It is primarily known for the discovery of the oldest found wooden wheel. The wheel with an axis dates 3,200 years B.C.


You can also call this number to apply: +386 8 205 23 54