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Exhibition An Enormous Find - First Pile Dwellings discovery on Ljubljana Marsh

This year we celebrate 140 years of discovery of Pile dwellings in Ljubljana marsh, Slovenia. Ljubljana Marsh Nature Park, prepared an exhibition presenting the heritage of the famous pile dwellings from Ig discovered by the then Head of the Carniola Provincial Museum, Karl Deschmann (Karel Dežman).

The exhibition presents Dežman’s contribution to understanding of pile-dwellings’ heritage and its value for the present.

The discovery was followed by an extraordinary public response throughout the Austro-Hungarian Empire and beyond. The response lasts until today, when the pile dwellings in Ig was declared a monument of national importance and inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


The openings until February 2016:
• The exhibition An Enormous Find will be on display in the City Museum of Ljubljana from 3. December 2015 till 10. Januar 2016. Exclusively for one-month the exhibit will be accompanied by the oldest wooden wheel with axle in the world, found in the Ljubljana Marsh in 2002.

• Second opening will be in the Ig public library on 15. Januar 2016. With the aid of virtual reality, it will be possible then to walk through a pile dwelling. The exhibition will be on display from 11. Januar 2016 until the end of the month.

National Museum of Slovenia  will host An Enormous Find throughout February 2016. There one will also have the opportunity to see original objects from Dežman’s pile dwellings.


Photo: View of the area of Dežman’s pile dwellings, photo Dejan Veranič.


Ig’s or Dežman’s pile dwellings are a part of the 111 prehistoric pile dwellings around the Alps, inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List in 2011. The remains of prehistoric settlements are the main archaeological source for exploration of early agrarian societies in Europe. Findings provide detailed insight into the life of prehistoric Europe from 5000 to 500 BC. During the age of pile dwellings there have been some advances in technology and society that are so timeless that they seem self-evident. The use of ceramics is one of them and the most famously decorated ones are from Dežman’s pile dwellings.

The exhibition will present the story of the discovery through graphic material, hands on replicas of the artefacts, a physical model of the area and augmented reality contents. In preparation of the exhibition participated: the National Museum of Slovenia, Ljubljana City Museum and the ZRC SAZU Institute of Archaeology. The exhibition was supported by the Ministry of Culture, the Slovenian National Commission for UNESCO and the municipality Ig.