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The Draga trail

What is wild service-tree? How can a bark beetle be caught? Can a tree have cancer? How to distinguish fir from spruce?

The answers can be found during a walk along the reconstructed educative trail Draga near Ig, opened in mid May in the highly attractive forest rising above the Draga ponds. Along a good 3 km long trail, 27 information tables will guide you past common as well as less known trees, call your attention to unusual and poorly known forest phenomena, and remind you of the most characteristic forest work. A compulsory extra for all curious visitors is the well written guide with an accurate description of each marked spot. It may be even more interesting, however, if a trained human guide or forester accompanies you during you visit there.

The trail starts at the Hunting Lodge at Draga, where you can park your car. The walk along the entire trail will take you a little more than an hour, and you are recommended to wear suitable trekking shoes.