ljubljansko barje

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We offer our visitors information material about the Landscape park Ljubljansko barje.


Visitors map

Visitors map Ljubljansko barje in scale 1:25 000 is a very good map, in which you can find most of the etnological, cultural and natural monuments. On the other side of the map you can find pictures and short descriptions of some of thouse atracttions. You can also find the important providers of innkeeping capasieties, addresses of museums and galleries, exhebition halls, tourist information points, tourist farms and educative trails. This map will be especialy helpfull for thouse, whic plan to visit Ljubljansko barje by bycicle or by foot.
You can order the map at info@ljubljanskobarje.si



 Broschure of Landscape park Ljubljansko barje

In the brouschure of Ljubljansko Barje you will find many photographs and descriptions of cultural, etnological, arheological sites and natural attractions which you can visit. You can download the broschure here.



Pile dwellers from Ljubljansko barje

Pile dwellingers are a special form of dwellings in areas with lake and marshes. The largest number of pile dwellings is to be found in the Alpine region, which also include the pile dwellings of Ljubljansko barje. In this lifelet you can find a short description of their way of life with some pictures of artifacts found in some of the sites in Ljubljansko barje. You can download the leaflet here.