ljubljansko barje


Water is the basic element of the origin and survival of the Barje plain, and at the same time the element, which has been in this area always either lacking or superfluous. At the Barje, water has two different faces. The first is dirty red, stagnant water, slowly trickling from the Barje land. The other is vivacious, pure water of karst origin, flowing from numerous karst springs under Mt. Krim into streams and rivulets, whose last stop at the Barje is the Ljubljanica river. We also call it the river of seven names, for during its course it sinks and reappears on the surface several times, the last time from the springs around Močilnik and Retovje as the Ljubljanica. Once upon a time it flew, as a lowland river with no more than a meter drop from its source to outfall, along numerous meanders which, however, can no longer be seen today.