ljubljansko barje

The ten Barje commandments

Ljubljansko barje (hereinafter referred to as "the Barje") is home to a very diverse assemblage of animals and plants, as well as to us, the humans. Wetlands of the Barje type are great matter "producers" and "processors" - creators of huge quantities of the green mass while taking carbon dioxide (the greenhouse gas) from the atmosphere and releasing oxygen into it.

Wetlands are natural purifying plants. They cleanse water and eliminate many of the harmful agents released into the environment by humans.

Peat and peat moss can accumulate great quantities of water, acting, so to speak, like a huge sponge. This is why the Barje is functioning in its environment as a natural water reservoir and as the most effective defence of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, against floods.

The greatest part in the attempts to preserve the Barje in its as natural form as possible and thus to provide for suitable and healthy living conditions for ourselves as well as for the beings whose habitats we have colonised a great deal, can be contributed by ourselves. How?

1.   by keeping the meadows, especially those mown once a year
2.   by not letting the meadows to become overgrown with vegetation
3.   by mowing them late in the summer or, still better, in the autumn
4.   by using fertilisers as sparingly as possible
5.   by digging as shallow draining ditches as possible
6.   by not cutting peat on the rare remains of raised bogs
7.   by cultivating the crops traditional for the Barje area
8.   by not burning the hedges, riparian vegetation and various plant remains
9.   by taking waste and refuse, including the dug out material, to landfills
10.   by carrying out our recreational activities in the way not scary for the animals